Alaska Bush Floatplane Service on the road up to Talkeetna

Under the tyranny of the cat mayor

It was getting into the later evening hours, still bright under Alaska’s summer sun, when I pulled into the mini-mall where I’d find Homie Joe’s Tacos. Unfortunately, Joe’s was closed, and I opted for a cheeseburger and corn dog from the burger trailer next door.

Begich Towers in Whittier

The Snowpiercer Building

Whittier is a small city trapped between Prince William Sound and high mountains. You can only drive there through a single-lane, two-and-a-half mile tunnel which frequently shuts down for train traffic. I cautiously drove my rental car over the rails, through dense fog, and up to a concrete tower. Wikipedia notes:

Thai in the Central Alaskan style

Back in Fairbanks, it was time for some local specialties. I’m talking, of course, about their world-class Thai food.

Pad See-Ew at Pad Thai
Thai House

You’ve Got Mail

I was looking up what else I could do in Fairbanks, and came across the option to fly a “ride-along” with a bush mail pilot. There were a few others on the same route. You don’t get a good advance notice of what the weather will be like, or where you’ll be going. I prodded a little bit and they told me that I would be visiting Bettles and Anaktuvuk Pass above the Arctic Circle. Anaktuvuk is a little famous for its remoteness — there are no roads connecting it to the rest of Alaska, and Wikipedia says: its post office was considered to be the most isolated in the United States.

Anaktuvuk Pass


I’m not going to say anything silly or snippy about Denali. This was awesome. I was trying and failing to convey the bigness of Alaska to a Lyft driver one time, and settled on that national park, Denali, it’s bigger than New Hampshire. You can go and spend all day on a bus seeing a small part of one park.
If you go, 100% bring good binoculars or handheld camera with zoom lens. Animals are out there but very far away and generally left alone, so you zoooooom in to see them.

the islands along the Canada / Alaska Pacific coast

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