Reading List: September 2021

The Supreme Court, and an Indonesian choose-your-adventure. I’ve started reading a book on the Russian Navy which will appear next month.

Wild Bill: The Legend and Life of William O. Douglas (Bruce Murphy, 2003)

This Supreme Court biography opens with a quote (“William O. Douglas was the oddest duck to ever serve on the United States Supreme Court”) and an anecdote which is so biopic-worthy I won’t spoil it here. Why did I seek out this book? I heard about Douglas through experimental leftist opinions (asserting the environment itself has standing to sue in court) and making enemies over his romantic adventures. At 500 pages plus references, this book is sure to reveal more detail.
One thing which helped ground the timeline for me was that Douglas’s last years overlapped with Justice Rehnquist; Wikipedia says they bonded over a shared iconoclasm.

The Wandering (Intan Paramaditha, 2020)

A year ago I watched Paramaditha’s talk at the Hong Kong International Literary Festival and was fascinated by the concept of a choose-your-adventure travel book, translated from Bahasa Indonesia. You can listen to an interview with the author.
A few times I picked up my copy, but now finally read through a few paths, traveling from Jakarta to New York to Berlin and Amsterdam, into weddings and encounters with the devil. The chapter-length sections between choices makes for good travel reading.

Related to Previous Reads

After reading about the Benin Bronzes and the Smithsonian, I discovered the Museums and Race conference / channel through their video on union organization, and watched a few other videos about co-creation and funding. Would recommend.

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