Podcast Reccs Part 8

Good podcasts abound. I’m having trouble with the Google Podcasts UI interrupting streams recently, and the single-page architecture makes it difficult to reload something, so maybe I should be using a different app?

80,000 Hours Podcast

The host recently stirred Twitter controversy by saying he doesn’t expect to live beyond 20 years, but did not divest from retirement or take offers for high interest loans:

I have my own fears about the future and utility of retirement accounts, yet my money goes down that hole, so I could examine that. But also it’s weird to think about listening to a regular podcast with someone with a particular eschatological worldview right? I will think about this one for a while.


Fat Leonard

I was drawn in by the core political / military story, the corruption of an empire wrapped up in the War on Terror, subterfuge of the military’s weak judicial process, etc. But if the War on Terror was a load of crap, what to make of the credulous reporting of threatening Chinese influence? If the podcast could raise awareness about military justice, do we need to know about his parental kidnapping? It’s hard to follow the podcast’s direction on this.


The Loudest Girl in the World

The Screenwriting Life

The Unsolved Mysteries of South-east Asia

Tooth and Claw

A Perfect Storm: The True Story of the Chamberlains

The intended audience is Australians, so they breeze over some details of the Australian court system, dingos, and some social and geographic issues. For example, historically tourists would climb Uluṟu/Ayers Rock, but that was banned in 2019. And the podcast suggests the jury in Darwin had favoritism towards a local prosecutor due to perceptions of tourists and city-dwellers coming into the Northern Territory.

Updates to previous podcasts



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