New in NLP: super-cool projects and articles

Gobbli, from RTI International

This project appeared on my radar and quickly I decided it should be my next step evolving from the older machine algorithms SciKit-Learn to deep learning. This gives you one common interface for the most popular models, but also includes dummy modules and Docker containers so you can develop your application and set up your dev ops without delay.

CEFR Checker, from Duolingo

NLP research frequently explores training on Wikipedia articles in multiple languages. Programs to simplify text have compared articles on the English Wikipedia to Simple English. Typically this is done with the seq2seq technique, but more recent papers use transformers, the same technique which built OpenAI’s GPT-2, Google’s BERT, and Facebook’s XLNet.

Interpret, from Allen NLP

The Allen Institute for AI has been building up their AllenNLP into an absolute giant Godzilla of NLP. Their new release, Interpret, is an Explainable AI tool designed for language models. Like the ELI5 library, it can remove several words and test permutations against black-box classifiers. But it also can show you masked language modeling (what word it thinks is missing), explains answers to questions, and looks for flaws in your classifiers.

The Bender Rule

This article captured the re-surfacing of an NLP research rule which they’re calling the Bender Rule: “Do state the name of the language that is being studied, even if it’s English.”



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