Fixing “Stargate Origins”

Initial Impressions: Trailer and Marketing

The first warning sign was that I only heard about the series accidentally. That’s a marketing failure. I watch every movie trailer that I can, and when this “Stargate Origins” trailer popped up, I had to re-watch to see if it was a fan-made trailer:

  • The Stargate and Catherine Langford (the heroine of this series) have an established timeline. The Stargate was experimented on unsuccessfully for decades until Catherine met Daniel Jackson in the Stargate movie. The TV series broke this timeline in two episodes, but Catherine wasn’t around for either event, so we could grumble “lazy time travel episode” and watch the next episode.
    Creating a whole series on a retcon is a different level. As I watch, there’s a growing awkwardness that the last episode must end with everyone destroying the evidence, getting amnesia, and mothballing the Stargate. So we have drawn-out suffering from a lazy ending.
  • Low budget, new timeline, weird dialogue and acting, recycled footage and sound effects, and bringing in Nazis, gives the production a “fan film” feel.


When I looked up the series, I was surprised to see that it was already released, built into a Stargate-specific streaming site, and divided up into 10-minute mini-episodes.

The Plot and Mystique

We don’t know everything about the plot because there are only three episodes out: introducing the characters, discovering the villain, and the start of the heroine’s rescue mission. It looks like the adventure on the alien planet may play out similar to the movie’s plot.

An Alternative Plot

If I were completely redoing the plot, here is how I would build the plot tension right here on Earth episode by episode:

  • The Nazis capture the Stargate from Professor Langford and move it to some kind of basecamp. Catherine and the Professor are concerned about the Stargate falling into the wrong hands, and recruit the two sidekicks’ help to raid the basecamp to recover it.
  • Catherine and friends do some recon and discover that the Nazis have been working for years to recover information about the Stargate from all over the world.
  • Given how little that they know about the Stargate, our heroes realize that the Nazi scientists have a chance of opening it. After some debate, they decide to spy on them until they make a breakthrough.
  • A second alien artifact is delivered to the base. On Reddit I heard that the it’s established that the Nazis had a Dial Home Device (DHD), which would work, or there’s some new artifact which we haven’t seen before. They get too close to opening the gate. Our heroes cause a commotion to stop dialing, and steal the artifact.
  • Soldiers are looking for the stolen artifact. Our heroes study the artifact and learn what the Stargate is, and that something terrifying is on the other side. The artifact activates in some way (light, sound, sky-beam) which reveals their location, and they are all captured.
  • Connecting the artifact and gate, the Nazis send people through, including the Professor and the British soldier. The artifact breaks, and Catherine thinks she is alone forever. The gate receives an incoming wormhole.
  • The Nazis come back with some kind of weapon, but they are also possessed or followed by the evil Goa’uld. Remainder of series has the Professor and British soldier rushing to get back and warn Earth, and Catherine trying to stop the Nazis from bringing the Stargate and Goa’uld-ified Nazis back to Germany.



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Nick Doiron

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