Conclusions from Mapping the Maldives

Some background


20 Maldivian Rufiyya (about $1.25)


R2 (and

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iD and Tangram (but not MapBox yet)

Community Input and Continuity

  • Even with a small island and a small tech community, the mappers at lunch had never met each other, or other techies we knew from Twitter. There are no tech Meetups, even monthly.
  • The government GIS guy was already an OSM user and had added the coastline of the new Hulhumalé Phase 2! The eAtolls business was considering switching to OSM from Google Maps! So everyone was open to hearing more.
  • Despite a few replies on Twitter that English language OSM would be sufficient, the meeting attendees were pro-Dhivehi. We discussed making bilingual placenames. The maps company said that some people (taxi companies in particular) had asked for an all-Dhivehi map.
  • They all were interested in expanding OSM and we discussed some more farfetched ideas like drone-mapping or OpenStreetView.
  • We discussed some ideas of who could continue sponsoring this work, or maybe invite me back to the Maldives. Normally I would suggest using tech to support the 2018 elections, but if you think about it, only a few islands have more than one polling place!

Some future plans

 by the author.



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