Books Update: August 2021

Supreme Power: Franklin Roosevelt vs. the Supreme Court (Jeff Shesol, 2010)

A comprehensive timeline of Roosevelt’s bid for control of the Supreme Court, starting with grumblings in his first presidential campaign. The push and pull between New Deal reforms and judicial review was taught in my US History class in a few paragraphs, but I never got a sense of how sweeping the changes were, adding codes into every industry, Social Security, railroads, loan forgiveness, and the understood federal powers.

An Atlas of Extinct Countries: The Remarkable (and Occasionally Ridiculous) Stories of 48 Nations that Fell off the Map (Gideon Defoe, 2020)

This had been on my reading list until I snapped this up at Arundel Books in Seattle. There are about 150 pages with usually three short pages per nation. This makes it a good format if you are traveling across the country and waiting in lines, picking it up and putting it down all the time. Less engaging if you are reading it through.

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